Minutes of Community Council meetings:

Council meeting: Monday, April 28th, 2014


Council meeting:  Monday, April 28th, 2014 at the Community Room, Llanddaniel.

1. Present: Dr Ken Jones, Dafydd Roberts, Nia Morgan, Pauline Desch,  Councillor Eifion Jones

Apologies: Susannah Neill, Huw Owen, Councillor Victor Hughes

The minutes of  March 2014 were confirmed as correct.

2. Matters Arising 

Cana Chapel – Letter received from the Reverend Euros Wyn Jones on behalf of Cana Chapel members requesting the Community Council to adopt the cemetery.  Need to respond stating that the Community Council are unable to agree at present, until confirmation received of the financial contribution by the chapel towards the upkeep of the cemetery.

Community Facilities Grant Programme – No further information / application form received to date.

Community Play Grant – Susannah Neill was successful with the grant application to create a willow dome and tunnel and installing a picnic table on the school yard.  The work has been completed with the assistance of the school pupils and local members of the community volunteering.  The Community Council would like to thank Susannah for her leadership and commitment to the project.

Flowering Future Campaign – Campaign by Menter Môn and Isle of Anglesey County Council to honour the fallen service men of World War 1 by scattering poppy/wildflower seeds.  Pauline Desch attended a meeting, and obtained the poppy/wildflower seeds.  Nia Morgan will take the seeds to the school as the pupils are going to be working on the project.

Notice board – A larger notice board is needed in the village, situated on the wall outside the post office / shop.  Dafydd to discuss with the “Trigolion”, asking if they have any comments or objections to the Community Council purchasing a new notice board

3. Planning

Application: 21C51G – Ken Jones declared an interest, and therefore did not participate in the discussion regarding the application.  Full application for the erection of an agricultural shed to store machinery and feed and for the housing of livestock on land at Tir Na-Nog, Llanddaniel – Objecting as the development will affect nearby homeowners.

Application: 21C154 – Additional Information – Full application for the erection of a holiday let property, installation for a package treatment plant together with alterations to the existing vehicular access on land adjoining Old Cutter Inn, Moel y Don, Llanedwen – As the original response: no objection and following the advice of Natural Resource Wales

Application: 21C157 – Full application for the demolition of the existing conservatory together with alterations and extensions at Bryn Hyfryd, Llanedwen – No Objection

Application: 21C156 – Full application for alterations and extensions, demolition of the existing garage together with the erection of a garden shed at 32 Stad Plas Hen, Llanddaniel – No objection

Planning Decisions:

Application: 21C154A/SCR –Screening opinion for the erection of a holiday let property, installation of a package treatment plant together with alterations to the existing vehicular access on land adjoining Old Cutter Inn, Moel y Don, Llanfairpwll – EIA is not required as it is unlikely that the development will have any significant effect on the environment.

Application: 21C149A – Full application for alterations and extensions at Bryn Hyfryd, Llanddaniel – Approved

Application: 21C50G/1/LB – Listed Building Application for the installation of a 300Kw heat pump and the erection of a pump house at  the Mansion House at Plas Newydd, Llanfairpwll – Approved

Application: 21C137C – Application for the renewal of planning permission 21C137 for the change of use of existing outbuildings to 4 dwelling together with the construction of a new vehicular access and installation of a private treatment plant at Ty Mawr, Llanddaniel, Anglesey – Approved

4. Letters to discuss:

· Isle of Anglesey County Council – Bus Service into the village -  Response from the County Council including a timetable confirming that there is a bus service into the village on a Sunday.

· Ms Davies, Bangor – Letter received regarding the New Cemetery, stating that the cemetery is very neat, and enquiring whether the Community Council have money to create a path for the disabled in the cemetery – Reply thanking for the comments, but unfortunately the financial situation does not permit the Community Council to pay for a footpath in the cemetery.

· Isle of Anglesey County Council – Decommissioning of Isle of Anglesey County Council’s CCTV Service – Following a meeting of the Full Council on 27 February, 2014 to determine the Isle of Anglesey County Council’s budget for 2014/15 and efficiency programme, it was decided to decommission the CCTV service.  In order to meet the legal requirement all infrastructures will be removed.  The service will cease to operate from 12 midday on 30 May, 2014.

5. Playing Field

Need quotes from various companies to carry out the re-surfacing work in the playing field.  Huw Owen has apologised that he is not able to attend the meeting, and will obtain quotes over the next week, and the information will be available for the next meeting.

6. Community Council Website

Training needs to be arranged with Dafydd on administrating the website, and also need to discuss the content of the website.  Having photos of the Community Council members was discussed as well as their contact details.  Susannah Neill and Sarah Grawe had previously expressed an interest in administrating the website, and they need to contact Dafydd to discuss the matter further.  The matter to be discussed at the next meeting when all members are present.

7. Report of any meetings / Governors meeting

None to report.  

8. Report from County Councillors 

County Council are already discussing the 2015/16 Budget

New Schools Programme – The County Council will be working on creating new schools over the next few years.  The programme is split into 4 areas: Holyhead, Llanfaethlu,Llanfachraeth, Beaumaris, Llanddaniel/Brynsiencyn.  The work will commence in the Holyhead area, and will not start in Llanddaniel for a few years.

Science Park – County Council has agreed to sell land in Gaerwen to the Science Park, but this depends on planning permission.

9. Financial Matters

It was agreed to renew the Insurance Policy with Aon for 2014/15

Bills to pay:

Aon – Insurance Policy 2014/15 £970.39

Cymen – Translation Service £138.43

HMRC – PAYE on clerks wages (Jan – March) £  88.60

North Wales Wildlife Trust – (Play Grant) £540.00

Mac Venture Play Co Ltd – (Play Grant) £444.00

Susannah Neill – (Play Grant) £   20.76

10. Any Other Business 

· Complaints received regarding the Plas Coch “advertising van” which is situated on the junction down to the site, or on the junction to Llanddaniel.  Need to contact Plas Coch regarding this matter.

· Need to invite the police to the next meeting

· Complaints received that local residents are cutting/pruning trees excessively, and during the period when birds are nesting.

· The Clerk has given notice that she will be leaving the post; therefore need to advertise for a new clerk.

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